What is Café Barock?

CAFÉ BAROCK is a new way of listening to classical music. It seeks to take the concert tradition back to its roots as a form of shared entertainment, often involving eating, drinking and chatting.

At present we generally hear classical music only within the confines of a concert tradition established in the 19th century, one that places music firmly in concert halls and churches. The Café Barock concert series offers audiences the chance to hear some of the most interesting early-music performers from Finland and abroad in more informal concert settings. Our concerts are all hosted and audience-friendly. Café Barock's events continue to grow in popularity, and each time we see both regular visitors and new audience members, who through our easily approachable performance style can now explore the world of classical music.

Café Barock began operating in 2010 at the Allotria restaurant in Helsinki. From there our hosted Baroque club events have spread to cafés and restaurants across the country, in part through an initiative from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland to establish and develop a network of early-music practitioners in Finland. In addition to our monthly events at Allotria, Café Barock has given guest appearances with our friends Klasariklubi at the We Got Beef restaurant and at the Arkadia International Bookshop in Helsinki, as well as giving smaller-scale performances in countless other places such as libraries, foyers, cafés, parks and street corners.

Café Barock's objective is to enrich local cultural life with high-quality, easily accessible performances of early music, while serving as a link between early-music professionals and various associations and communities. Since 2012 Café Barock's artistic director and producer has been harpsichordist Matias Häkkinen, and in late 2012 the group's activities were established further with the foundation of the organisation Kulttuuriyhdistys Café Barock ry.